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New Beginnings

This is a spread for new beginnings, and it's a spread for setting intentions.

I did not shuffle the cards, I did not ask the deck any questions. Instead, I told the deck what to show me. I went through the deck and chose each card and I chose its place in the spread. Sometimes we have things to say instead of questions to ask.

I've been collecting, learning, and using Tarot cards since the early 2000s. Since Covid has left us all with more time for introspection and internetting, I thought I might dust off my decks and start sharing my enthusiasm for these pretty little bits of paper. I don't read professionally, but there may be some readings for friends and family mixed in with spreads for myself as we go along.

The cards used here are from the Ethereal Visions deck by Matt Hughes, published by U.S. Games Systems in 2018. The gold foil and desaturated pallette are beautiful, but also washed out in my photos. The cards are very well made on thick stock, so the deck actually feels a little chunky in the hand. They come in a sturdy box that has held up perfectly since I purchased my copy last year and seems likely to stay in good shape for a long time to come.

The Queen of Swords is my usual personal significator--broadly categorized by astrological sun sign, gender, and age--and The Empress was another significator that felt appropriate for this spread. She represents abundance and creativity, which I hope to embody here.

The next row comprises The Wheel of Fortune for the beginning of a new cycle, the Two of Pentacles for adaptability and balance during times of change, and The Sun for optimism and success.

The last row is made up entirely of Aces, strong roots anchoring the pyramid as I begin sharing my love of tarot with you. The Ace of Cups indicates the beginning of a creative venture, and the Ace of Pentacles denotes success. The Ace of Wands is for inspiration, and the Ace of Swords is for triumph and change.

All taken together, this is a spread for new beginnings, and for success in what I begin. Now it's up to me to follow through.

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